Road Ramblings – Monday 7/24/2017

written by Marc E. Check July 24, 2017
Current Location:  Approximately 30 miles east of Washington, D.C.
Departing:  Chesapeake Beach, Maryland
Destination: Stuart’s Draft, Virginia

So many have been asking where we are (now), where we’re headed next and where we’ve been so far that it seems a good time to provide a quick and concise update.

Since May 1st, we have…

…traveled through twenty-three states,
attended four major music festivals,
shaken our bones to somewhere close to forty-one bands
in fifty-one separate performances
and clicked the camera shutter over ten-thousand times, 
over a period of a mere eighty-two days.

Length of our mission…
Six Months  – May 1st through October 31st



What is this trip/journey/pilgrimage? I decided back in January that I would set out on the road for many reasons.  First, to pursue creative endeavors (writing and photography mainly) and to build the foundation for a new career in these creative areas. I also wanted to reconnect with friends and family, nature, and the music that has been such a constant force in my life.  Bored and no longer inspired in my career trajectory, divorced after an eighteen-year marriage, confident in my daughter’s ability to thrive and grow through her remaining high school years without daily paternal oversight, and fresh out of a tumultuous rebound relationship, I decided no time was better than the present to imagine a new life, a new career, and a new way of thinking and acting.

After deciding to take this leap of faith I met Andie, who as it turns out had been through her own tribulations and life trials. After we strongly and immediately connected, began spending a great deal of time together, and eventually decided life without at each other at this juncture would be ridiculously and unnecessarily boring, she agreed that this trip was hers to take as well.  She needed this as much as I did. I needed an administrative assistant to keep me focused and organized on the road, so the rest as they say, “is history.” 

How long are we “gone”? We started our itinerary of music in early May with the New Orleans Jazzfest and have been at concerts/festivals/shows at least every few days since.  The “real deal” started June 1st, however, when we set out on the road with no apartments or homes to return to, living completely on the road with nothing but our bare necessities and a select few luxuries.

We have the itinerary planned through October 31st, which will in theory conclude our first planned journey.  A total of five months living as digital nomads seemed an appropriate amount of time to build a portfolio of work and determine if this lifestyle can be sustainable as a more permanent endeavor, making this journey not one of being “gone” but rather “coming home.”


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