Photography Portfolio – NOW LIVE!

written by Marc E. Check July 20, 2017
Phish - Chicago - July 2017

Phish – Chicago – July 2017

I am very pleased to announce that after almost three months on the road (halfway through our planned itinerary), I have been able to curate almost one-hundred images from my live music photography collections that I feel represent a good sample of my photography work to date. The initial portfolio gallery focuses on live music (no nature, urban decay, rainbows, animals, or artistic series), with other galleries to come later. I wanted to represent some of my best work in capturing single performers live on stage, followed by partial or full bands, and then zooming back out to the fans and full venues. I felt each of these images captured the spirit and passion of live music, with artists and fans alike exuding emotion.

Chicago Post-Phish Phun

Chicago Post-Phish Phun

Over the next few months I hope to see significant improvement in quality and opportunities due to better access to the musicians and bands, as well as some recent upgrades in equipment (a few new low-light, telephoto, and fish-eye extra-wide angle lenses have certainly helped to improve my photography groove in recent weeks).

Please  peruse and provide some feedback!  
Which images are your faves?  

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