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written by Marc E. Check March 24, 2017

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

  • George David Weiss, Robert Thiele (Performed by Louie Armstrong)

I’ve been delving back into photography over the last year, finding that it satisfied the creative void that existed for so long in my former career, and because it is a perfect companion skill to writing. I’ve been focusing quite a bit on live performance (concert) photography and have been stepping up my game in terms of equipment and methodologies. With each shoot I’m getting more and more “hero” shots, making it harder to play the Sophie’s choice game of which to keep and which to jettison.

The following album is what I consider my “best of” work and will be changing constantly as new images come in, so please come back and check it out frequently! I’ll also be adding separate albums under the “photography” category, as well as posts about failures and success through the (re)learning process.  

During the dawn of digital photography I had the unique opportunity to work for Eastman Kodak Company in their Digital and Applied Imaging and Professional Services teams, allowing me to learn quite a bit about the technology and the field of photography itself, just as the massive transition to digital was taking place.  Thankfully I’ve retained many of the basic concepts of photography that serve me well today. Eastman Kodak was a day late and a dollar short in the digital photography market (a crying shame, and a lesson I carry with me always as it applies to becoming over-confident and complacent)  and I left Kodak in the late 1990’s to pursue a career in museums and information technology that treated me well for some time. 

As I stand here some eighteen years from my tenure with Kodak I regret not continuing to satisfy my creative needs with a camera and an eye for beauty, but it’s never too late to pick back up where you left off, and that’s exactly what I’m doing.  I’ve received accolades from musicians and individuals and plan to continue building the portfolio of work, showing others the beauty I find in the world through my lens to the best of my abilities…

…and the beauty in this world is plentiful.  What a wonderful world, indeed. 

Favorite Photos 2016-2017

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